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Having just one identity is boring.


Social Impact Strategist

Changing my postage stamp of the world. Honoring our shared humanity.

Ellen Miller is a human venn diagram who is passionate about many things, including ballet, gender equity, educational equity, travel, and the arts. She spent most of her twenties wrestling with which of these identities she should pursue, and credits the podcast The Limit Does Not Exist with helping her own her multiple interests and talents. Ellen is committed to decoupling her work and identity, and believes in life-work balance, not the other way around.

With a background in strategic communication in the nonprofit sector, Ellen holds valuable expertise in nonprofit comms and philanthropy. A strong communicator and strategist, Ellen is an advocate for the idea that communications is a skill, and should be honed and compensated accordingly. A highly skilled communications professional (not a wizard or a magician), her decisions are grounded in a decade of experience and extensive research and knowledge.

Content Strategy

It's 2021 and everyone thinks they know how to tweet. But do you know why you're doing it?

Ellen has managed social media, email marketing, PR and crisis communications for small and large brands, honing her expertise in storyboarding, storytelling and most importantly strategy. Without a goal and a plan, communications efforts are often completed as part of a checklist, as opposed to intentional steps leading towards results.


Ellen has led organizational rebranding, website redesign and annual report redesign, managing relationships with external vendors and ensuring effective and beautiful results.


Work samples upon request. A limited selection is available via LinkedIn.

Philanthropic Advising

Over 10 years immersed in the nonprofit field and a record of public service and volunteering has given Ellen a valuable perspective on philanthropy.


With behind the scenes knowledge of how nonprofits operate, she brings valuable insights to both nonprofits looking to scale their communications and organizational strategy as well as to funders and individuals seeking to better invest in impact.

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Founded by Ellen Miller and Chanda Daniels in 2019, The Reclaim is a place for all women to take up space. 

The Reclaim has partnered with major DC women-owned businesses including The Outrage and Republic Restoratives, collabed with other women-centric orgs like Platform Women and the National Women's History Museum and has been featured and quoted in publications such as Washingtonian Magazine online, CollabCreateDC, 730 DC and Vox.

"We would not have made it through the last year without you."