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From The Reclaim: What The Reclaim read, watched and listened to in 2019

We don’t know about y’all, but here at The Reclaim we are mind-boggled that the year is winding down! 2019 has been pretty incredible for us, from our launch event to being featured in The Washingtonian.

Years are also memorable in the moments we share with one another and the content we consume. Both of us love being tapped into what’s going on culturally and from journalism to fashion, this year was one to remember! It’s so hard to narrow down all the incredible things we read, watched and listened to this year, but here are some of our faves.

Lizzo, Cuz I Love You (Chanda)

I think this goes without saying, but Lizzo has been on fire this year. She is a champion for self love, care, and respect while being unapologetically herself. She breaks down barriers, redefines who can be sexy or a cover girl, plus who doesn't love someone who can twerk while playing the flute? I had this album on repeat this year to give me the girl power boost I needed and to remind myself that you can just be you, and that's enough.

The Limit Does Not Exist (Ellen)

This is, hands down, my absolute favorite podcast of all time. TLDNE refers to how you don’t have to choose just ONE THING but can have many passions in life. Many of the guests work and create at the intersection of STEM and the arts. I’ve been listening since it originally came out and this past year gave me a chance to catch up since they have been on hiatus. I could not be more excited that there will be new episodes in 2020!

Schitt's Creek (Chanda)

I definitely came late to the game on this show, but wow, I'm glad I showed up. From a seemingly superficial premise, an ultra rich family having to move to a small town after losing their fortune, comes the most touching story about growing as a family and learning about who you are without the pressures of what everyone around you thinks you should be. I've laughed hysterically and watched these characters become incredible versions of themselves. It helps me remember that at the end of the day, love, family, and friends matter more than whatever's in your bank account. The last season comes out in 2020 and I'm already lost without it.

The Poet X (Ellen)

The Poet X (and Elizabeth Acevedo) had a huge year in 2019 with a lot of accolades, but she made it on to my to-read list because I asked a friend (shout out Sandra Godina!) for recommendations of books written by women of color and she highly recommended this one (and others). One of my 2019 goals was to read more from people who don’t look like me and who have different lived experiences than myself, so I intentionally sought out recommendations to make it on my to-read list for the year. The Poet X is powerful, memorable, and I couldn’t put it down - you won’t be able to either!

To see the rest of our 2019 recs, head over to The Reclaim!

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